Aqueduct of Segovia by M. Peinado (Spain Photo Spot)

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Aqueduct of Segovia - Photo by M. Peinado

This massive aqueduct cuts through Segovia and is one of the Spanish city’s most notable historical landmarks. Historians believe the aqueduct is at least 1900 years old, and to this day, it still provides fresh water to the city. The ancient roman construction is a beautiful photographic subject, having massive scale, repeating columns and symmetry. The Aqueduct of Segovia is also well lit at night, and in the blue hour, you can capture stunning contrast between the aqueduct and the blue skies of dusk. There is also a staircase that provides a somewhat elevated view of Segovia and its aqueduct. This location is at the Northeastern end of this section, and from December to January, it gives some sunset possibilities as the sun begins to rise at its most southerly point in the sky. (Segovia, Spain)

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