Vulcanii Noroioși by David Marcu (Romania Photo Spot)

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Vulcanii Noroioși - Photo by David Marcu

The Mud Volcanoes (Vulcanii Noroioși) is a unique natural reservation in Romania where you will find the largest active mud volcanoes in Europe. These volcanoes erupt once every few minutes creating a landscape out of this world. Here the gases erupt from 3000 meters deep towards the earth surface, creating a landscape out of this world which is dominated by miniature volcanoes 1, 2 meters high, the bubbles of gas coming out from the crater and the dried surface cut by dried crusts hence the impression that you landed on another planet. Access to the site is permitted only in days without rain, since the surface of the land is dominated by the dry mud which is not entirely solid. (Berca, Romania)

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