St. Peter's Church Alley View by Shawn M. Kent (Riga, Latvia)

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St. Peter's Church Alley View - Photo by Shawn M. Kent

St. Peter’s Church in Old Town Riga is one of the most photogenic and historical landmarks. St. Peter’s Church is a staggering 123,5 meters tall and one of the oldest in Europe. Records mention it as far back as 1209. It is a prominent feature along the Riga skyline, and finding an excellent place to take pictures of it can be a challenge because of the narrow medieval streets and the closeness of surrounding buildings. You can ascend the spire to take stunning panoramic photos of the city, but sadly shooting from the spire will not include this iconic church. This picturesque alley makes a perfect place to shoot the unique character of old city architecture while catching the tall spire high above the city. (Riga, Latvia)

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