Miramare Castle by Gerhard Bögner (Italy Photo Spot)

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Miramare Castle - Photo by Gerhard Bögner

The 19th century Miramare castle overlooks the stunning Gulf of Trieste near Trieste, northeastern Italy. Built by Austrian Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian, the story goes that the archduke took shelter from a storm in the small inlet that would become home to the castle. The limestone outcrop upon which the castle sits saved the archduke from the pounding waves of the storm. Miramare Castle itself is white in appearance and protrudes magnificently into the Gulf of Trieste. Miramare Castle’s tallest tower features a clock in its design and the interiors are even more lavish than the medieval fortress-inspired exterior. While Miramare Castle is not technically a castle, but rather a Carducci, we think it looks enough like a castle to be considered one. Photographers can shoot the castle from a multitude of angles and its white colouring and westerly waterfront location makes it perfect for sunsets. Today it is a museum and visitors can explore its interiors throughout the year. (Trieste, Italy)

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