Laghi di Fusine by Federico Bottos (Italy Photo Spot)

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Laghi di Fusine by Federico Bottos

Laghi di Fusine is a pair of beautiful glacial lakes, Lago Inferiore (the inferior lake) and Lago Superiore (the superior lake). The lakes are connected to one another by easy paths hidden in a thick spruce forest and are located at the bottom of the Mangart mountain range. The whole area has a feeling of serenity, it is such a peaceful, and beautiful setting. The colours of the lakes vary from sapphire to turquoise, clear and milky as the seasons and light change. The area surrounding both lakes is protected by the 45-hectare scenic natural park – Parco naturale dei Laghi di Fusine, and is filled with scenic hiking trails to explore. (Tarvisio, Italy)

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