Castel del Monte by Italo Greco (Italy Photo Spot)

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Castel del Monte by Italo Greco

Situated on a hilltop in Italy, this 13th-century castle is unique in its design and simplicity. The Castel del Monte is a perfect hexagonal castle fortification that is unlike almost any other castle in Europe. With no moat or defensive walls, historians surmise that Castel del Monte served no higher purpose than that of a simple hunting lodge. However, the castle’s imposing and minimalist appearance makes it one of the most photogenic castles in the region. Built in the 1200s by Holy Roman Emporer Frederick II, it was never actually finished and used for a time as a prison and then a refuge site from the plague. Originally it had marble columns and walls, but vandals stripped the castle’s interior for use in other constructions. In folklore and legend, the Castel del Monte is often mistakenly associated with the Knights Templar; however, there is no historical evidence to suggest an association. The castle is a pleasure to photograph because of its unique design, perfect symmetry and hilltop location at an otherwise mostly empty landscape. (Andria, Italy)

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