Wernigerode Castle by Lukas Hartmann (Germany Photo Spot)

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Wernigerode Castle by Lukas Hartmann

Finished in the late 19th century, Wernigerode Castle is one of the most photogenic in Germany. Constructed in the baroque style, this castle (technically a Schloss or Manor House) sits on the high edge of a tall hill next to the town of Wernigerode in the Hartz mountains. Originally a medieval defensive fort, over centuries, the castle was modified and adapted until Count Otto of Stolberg-Wernigerode renovated the structure to its present form. Today portions of the castle are open to tours, and around 40 rooms can be visited. Because of Wernigerode Castle’s intelligent design, the profile and appearance of the castle will dramatically change at every 45 degrees. With it sitting where it is atop the hills, photographers can shoot it from all over the surrounding area, meaning many different styles and views are possible. While picturesque at any time of year, Wernigerode Castle is particularly photogenic in the winter when a light dusting snow caps the castle’s gabled roof and the surrounding pine trees. (Wernigerode, Hartz, Germany)

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