Montparnasse Tower View by Joe deSousa (France Photo Spot)

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Montparnasse Tower View by Joe deSousa

Photograph the city of Paris from the viewing deck of Montparnasse Tower, arguably one of the best photography locations in Paris. Situated atop a 210-meter office building, the viewing decks offer the best views of Paris. Critics contend this is because shooting from on top of the monolithic Montparnasse Tower is the only place in the city where the tower does not ruin the cityscape. Visitors can purchase tickets to visit the observation decks, and photographers will find this a fantastic place to shoot and well worth the price of admission. Timing your visit for dusk on a sunset evening will result in stunning photographs if you time it right. The tower is typically open from 1030-2230 daily all year round. (Paris, France)

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