Buddha Head of Ayuthaya by Siripatwongpin (Thailand Photo Spot)

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Buddha Head of Ayuthaya - Photo by Siripatwongpin

The Buddha Head of Ayuthaya is an iconic photo location in Thailand. here, a sandstone Buddha Head statue is slowly being consumed by a banyan tree. Enveloped in the roots of the tree the Buddha head serenely smiles at visitors and its uniqueness has made it one of the most photographed locations in the region. featured in postcards, magazines, and limitless tourist photos this is a must shoot for any photographer visiting the region.

No one knows why or how the Buddha statue became entangled in the roots, but legends abound that try to explain its origins. Some suggest the Buddha face being stolen from the main area of Wat Mahathat and left on the edge of the temple area to be reclaimed at a later date. But the thief found the head too heavy to carry or perhaps the thief was swallowed by the banyan tree as punishment for his crime.

Whatever the true origin of this unusual statue in its bizarre location, it remains a fascinating photo spot, and a great hidden gem to photograph during a Thailand photo adventure. (Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Thailand)

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