Okunoshima by Brian Shamblen (Japan Photo Spot)

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Okunoshima - Photo by Brian Shamblen

Okunoshima is an island near Hiroshima that has a checkered history. For a time, it didn’t exist on Japanese maps as it was shrouded in secrecy during World War II. The reason for such secrecy? Well, Okunoshima was being used to house a factory that made Mustard Gas during World War II in defiance of the Geneva Convention. Following the war, the Japanese burned the documents from the plant, and all unused gas was buried, burned or otherwise disposed of to hide the evidence of war crimes. Today, the island is no longer a secret and home to a Poison Gas Museum. What makes the island most notable for photographers, however, is the fact that the island is now overrun by bunnies. Cute, docile rabbits cover the island and are rumoured to be the descendants of the lab animals use din the mustard gas factories. Visitors will find the bunnies unafraid of humans and will get very close for the right price (i.e. carrots). So, if taking pictures of bunnies is your thing, Okunoshima is the place for you! (Takehara, Japan)

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