Diaz Point Lighthouse by Martin Gasiorek (Namibia Photo Spot)

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Diaz Point Lighthouse - Photo by Martin Gasiorek

Built in 1915, the red and white horizontally-banded Diaz Point Lighthouse stands 174′ (53m) above sea level. It is one of only three active lighthouses in Namibia and is maintained by Namport, Namibia’s national port authority. Beyond the lighthouse, is the actual point where Portuguese explorer and navigator, Bartolomeu Dias, landed on July 25, 1488, St. James Day. The cross sits high on a headland. As was the Portuguese custom, Dias erected a padrão, a large stone cross inscribed with Portugal’s coat of arms, claiming the land for Portugal and dedicated to São Tiago (St. James). (Luderitz, Namibia)

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