Florida Photography Locations

Florida is a paradise for photographers, offering a diverse range of landscapes and subjects to capture with your camera. From the picturesque beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean to the stunning Everglades National Park, there are endless opportunities for nature and wildlife photography. The vibrant cities of Miami and Tampa offer dynamic urban scenes and colorful street photography, while the quaint towns of St. Augustine and Key West provide a glimpse into Florida’s rich history and architecture. Florida is also home to world-renowned theme parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios, which offer unique photo opportunities for both amateur and professional photographers. Whether you’re a landscape, wildlife, portrait, or street photographer, Florida has something to offer for everyone.

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Popular Florida Photography Destinations

Tampa Skyline Viewpoint-Photo by Jesse Adair


Tampa, Florida has a vibrant downtown area with stunning architecture and a bustling street scene, providing ample opportunities for urban and street photography. Tampa Bay offers picturesque sunsets, marine life, and lush landscapes that are perfect for nature and landscape photography. The city also has a rich cultural history, with historic neighborhoods such as Ybor City that showcase colorful street scenes and unique architecture. Additionally, Tampa is home to world-class museums such as the Tampa Museum of Art, where you can capture inspiring contemporary art and architecture. Overall, Tampa’s combination of urban and natural beauty makes it a great destination for photographers of all genres.

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Mahogany Hammock Trail-Photo by Kevin Chang


Everglades National Park is a world-renowned photography destination, offering breathtaking views of a unique and diverse ecosystem. The park is home to a vast wetland, which encompasses 1.5 million acres and is home to an incredible array of wildlife, including alligators, birds, and snakes. The park’s landscapes range from sawgrass prairies to cypress swamps, providing endless opportunities for nature and landscape photography. Additionally, the park has many boardwalks and trails that allow photographers to capture stunning vistas and unique perspectives of the park’s wildlife and landscapes. The park’s clear night skies also make it an excellent location for astrophotography, with the opportunity to capture stunning views of the Milky Way galaxy. Overall, Everglades National Park is a paradise for photographers, offering a unique and diverse range of subjects and landscapes to capture.

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Spaceship Earth - Photo by George Pagan III

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, is a magical and exciting photography destination that offers endless opportunities for photographers. The theme park is home to a wide range of attractions, including iconic rides, parades, and character meet and greets, providing unique and creative photo opportunities. The park’s stunning architecture and detailed landscapes also provide a visually stunning backdrop for portrait and landscape photography. The park’s nightly fireworks shows are a particular highlight, offering photographers the opportunity to capture vibrant and colorful displays against the park’s iconic castle. Additionally, the park’s many themed areas, such as Adventureland and Fantasyland, provide a variety of settings and moods to experiment with creative photography techniques. Overall, Walt Disney World is a fun and exciting photography destination that is sure to inspire and delight photographers of all skill levels.

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More Florida Photo Spots

John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge

John T. Alsop Jr. Bridge - Photo by Lance Asper

Regalia Miami

Regalia Miami by Ussama Azam

Mahogany Hammock Trail

Mahogany Hammock Trail-Photo by Kevin Chang

Tampa Skyline Viewpoint

Tampa Skyline Viewpoint-Photo by Jesse Adair

Jacksonville Beach

Jacksonville Beach by Lance Asper

Sanford Riverwalk

Sanford Riverwalk by George Bloise

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