PIXEO Photo Maps

At PIXEO we are all about making it easy for photographers to find great places to take photos. To make it even easier we built the world photo map which contains thousands of photo locations from across the globe. But, because we have so many locations this map sometimes takes a while to load. So to make it even easier we’ve made region-specific maps to help you find great places to photograph. Check out our list of photo maps below and see where PIXEO will take you.

United States of America Photo Map

USA Photo Map

A comprehensive photo map of the USA is no easy feat. But, we’ve got thousands for you to explore and photograph. Find the best places to take photos in all 50 states, and find inspiration for your next photographic adventure in the United States of America.

Explore the USA Photo Map
Canada Map of Photo Spots

Canada Photo Map

We have hundreds of the best places to take pictures in our home country. Explore the Maritimes, Ontario, Quebec and the West Coast. We’ve got great photo spots plotted on our photo map to help Canadian photographers find the best places to take amazing photos.

Explore the Canada Photo Map
Europe Photo Map

Europe Photo Map

From historic castle ruins to stunning geological formations, Europe is full of stunning places to take photos. On our exclusive Europe photo map, we’ve charted the top places to explore and photograph on this incredibly photogenic continent.

Explore the Europe Photo Map
Iceland Photo Map

Iceland Photo Map

Few places on earth are as photogenic as Iceland. On almost every photographer’s bucket list, Iceland is world-renowned for its stunning photography locations. We’ve collected hundred of places for you to explore and photograph on our Iceland Photo Map.

Explore the Iceland Photo Map
United Kingdom Photo Map

United Kingdom Photo Map

The United Kingdom is rich with a blend of historic and modern photo opportunities. Explore the best photo locations the UK has to offer on the UK Photo Map and discover hidden gems you may not know even existed.

Explore the UK Photo Map
Australia Photo Map Thumbnail

Australia Photo Map

Head down under and explore hundreds of fantastic locations on our Australia Photo Map. We’ve got everything from the stunning rock formation in the outback to the best places to take photos of the Sydney Opera House and more. Discover all the best photography locations Australia has to offer on our one-of-a-kind Australia Photo Map.

Explore the Australia Photo Map
New Zealand Photo Map Thumb

New Zealand Photo Map

New Zealand is one of the most photogenic places in the world. Home to fantastic landscapes, seascapes and vast expanses of nature, few places top this country for photographic beauty. Use the New Zealand Photo Map to build a photo bucket list today.

Explore the New Zealand Photo Map
South America Photo Map

South America Photo Map

South America is rich with lush rainforests, ancient ruins, and beautiful beaches. Explore all South America has to offer for photographers with this map of South American Photo Locations.

Explore the South America Photo Map

We keep building photo maps to make it easy to find photo locations. Use the search tools on our site to find even more by searching by state, country and type of photo spot you want to photograph. You can search for lighthouses, abandoned photo spots (we have a map for that) and even waterfalls. Also, stay tuned for new Photo Maps to be added. Finally, don’t forget to download the free PIXEO App to take 50,000 photo locations with you. Get it from the Apple App Store today and stay tuned for the Android PIXEO App, coming soon!